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Take it Inside: Winter Does not Need to Put a Hold on Your Renovation Plans


Winter is great for Interior concrete renovations.

Is Interior concrete renovation a good idea during the winter? Yes, it is! Winter is coming. No, not in the Game of Thrones sense. Literally, winter is coming. Fall and winter weather patterns tend to be unpredictable in Denver. It might be seventy and sunny, it might snow, it might do both in the same day. There’s no telling. This unpredictability leads many people to believe they need to place their construction and renovation projects on hold until springtime, which isn’t entirely true. For outdoor work, spring and summer are best. Absolutely. However, there’s no reason that your interior concrete renovations need to wait until spring. And there are actually some benefits to taking your home renovation plans inside this winter.

1)  Shorter wait times for interior concrete renovations.

Most contractors (especially the good ones) are busy. During peak season, our next available opening might be a solid two months out. Last minute and immediate scheduling options just aren’t available. Contractors are typically able to start and complete projects faster in the winter, simply because they’re schedules are more open.

2)  Delays are less likely with interior concrete renovations.

Delays are common in construction industries and decorative concrete is no exception. No matter how well a company plans, or executes that plan, every project has its own challenges and complications. Not all delays occur on account of the weather, but they are more likely when the bulk of our work takes place outside. Regardless of the cause of the delay, contractors need to make up lost time and squeezing even a half day of labor into an already tight schedule is problematic, to say the least. Scheduling your interior concrete renovation in the winter, when business is generally slower, decreases the odds that your project will be delayed because of complications at another site.

3)  Better bargains are more likely for interior concrete renovations.

To be candid, home renovation can get expensive quickly. Seeking out the best value is smart and there’s nothing wrong with asking a contractor if their price is negotiable. But keep in mind the basic principles of supply and demand: if you ask for a discount when a contractor is booked to the gills, they’re not likely to barter. Why? Because it’s not a good business practice to run sales or promos when demand for services/products is high. Incentives are best reserved for lags in order to encourage and generate business when there might not otherwise be enough of it. Even though contractors are usually more inclined to run winter specials, remember that they might only offer a fixed number. As soon as their schedule has been refilled, the demand principle comes back into play, making this one of those situations where the early bird gets the worm.

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