Acid Stains

Acid Stains

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Acid Stain Floor in Winter Park

Acid Stain Floor in Winter Park

We were hired to stain the basement floor of a new home being built in Winter Park, CO. We used an acid stain to make the 4000 Sq. foot floor look beautiful.

A very popular decorative option for your concrete is to use an Acid Stain finish. The finished product shines and reflects light giving any room and nice luster finish.

First make sure that all debris is free from the concrete foundation. You want no gashes. If you have these conditions, fill in the gaps using an epoxy. Next, you want to protect the walls from the acid. Mask them using about 2 ft. with green paper and tape; surrounding the whole room.

After your wrap, I like to buff out the concrete using a sand screen to open up the pours from the concrete by scratching it. This will allow the stain to stick to the floor and remove any foreign materials. Once the dust settles we add the Acid Stain. Concrete acid stain will be your choice of stain.

I like to use a common liquid dispenser like a weed-poison dispenser to apply my coats evenly. I also recommend a 1:1 water to stain mixture to lessen the darkness of the stain. Apply two coats liberally and allow time for each to dry. Fans help with this process.

Neutralizing the acid stain and removing residue is a vital step in the reactive stain process; especially, if you want a long lasting finish. Apply very liberally and evenly across the concrete. Allow it to dry. If you are doing construction, finish your projects before waxing the floor. Otherwise, apply and buff a coat of wax on the floor for you reflective finish.

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acid stain and scored

This floor was featured in the Silverthorne parade of homes in 2013.  The Home owner wanted to incorporate a pattern with two colors. When i started this job the floor looked clean at first but once i cleaned all the dust off  foreign substances were exposed.  There was paint, and liquid nail drippings all over. It took an extra day to clean all of it off.  Its important to protect your floors from construction if you plan on staining them. Sometimes dropping of paint or other substances will leave an permanent mark which can be a real eye sore. Once all the prep was complete i lined out this nice pattern and scored it into the concrete. I used an maylay tan acid stain and dyed the smaller squares with a black dye.