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Concrete Garage Floors


Liquid Dazzle Epoxy Floor

Take a look at this Beautiful Epoxy Floor, called Liquid Dazzle.

Sealing a floor and making it look good is a tricky business. It takes a little creativity and some preparation but with our handy tips your final product will look professionally done. To get your own Liquid Dazzle floor professionally done by Decorative Denver Concrete, Call us or fill out our FREE ESTIMATE contact form.

Pull up the carpe and make sure you get up all the nails and boards. Next, you will want to grind the foundation smooth. We recommend a 7” Diamond wheel grinder found at any hardware store. In our setup, we use a vacuum hose that connects to a vacuum which is attached to the grinder. This really helps you keep at least 90% of the dust out of the air, vents, and upper floors. Grind the floor smooth using small circular motions. The attached vacuum will suck up most of the dust which will allow you a better view of your surface.

Now that the floor is smooth we need to fill in our gaps. Here in Colorado, we have control joints in the foundation because of the type of soil in the area. To fill in these joints we recommend using EC72 – a gel epoxy. Once complete, it is time for the primer. Using EX12 Primer coat will allow a better bond with the EC38 and the concrete.

Once that is down, you can now apply the Liquid Dazzle. Splash the dazzle around the room. The best tool to use is a roller brush on a broom stick. Apply the Liquid Dazzle evenly around the room.

After the liquid dazzle has dried, we recommend adding a top coat for chemical and abrasion resistance. For different looks you can add utilize different colors of the Liquid Dazzle. You can even get a deeper color by adding dye to your mixture. With some creativity you could get a look similar to wood, marble, or stone.

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